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Subscribe to newsletters and blogs to receive content automatically, or add articles yourself. Out of all incoming content select the most interesting pieces and add them to your library. Read them when you have time.

No distractions
Focus on your content, nothing else. LookingGlass will never show ads or content you didn't add.
Improved privacy
Protect yourself from tracking, data leaks, and spammers with uniquely generated emails for each newsletter.
On your own time
Escape the notification and recommendation hell. Consume content on your own terms.

Summarize articles

Let LookingGlass generate summaries and spend a fraction of the time to get the essence of an article.

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Get all content in one place

Get newsletters, blogs, YouTube videos, and podcasts together in your LookingGlass inbox. Read it, watch it, or listen to it free from the distractions of other emails or content recommendations.

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Keep content manageable with custom views

You can create custom views based on tags, what type of content it is (e.g. article, email, video) or where it came from (e.g. rss feed, newsletter). Create your own workflow free of restrictions.

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Free until the end of the year

Beginning next year, LookingGlass will cost around 5-10$ per month.

Monthly membership

What’s included

  • Unlimited subscriptions
  • Unlimited filters
  • Automatic summaries (up to 7000 words)
  • Ad-free

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Frequently asked questions

How do newsletter subscriptions work?

You get a dedicated email address from LookingGlass for each newsletter you want to subscribe to. You subscribe to the newsletter with that email address, and all emails will show up in your LookingGlass inbox.

What about double opt-in with newsletters?

If a newsletter uses double opt-in, the first email will quickly show up in your LookingGlass inbox, usually within 1min. To confirm the subscription, open it and click the 'Subscribe' link. Similar to subscribing with your personal email.

I want to subscribe to a blog but it doesn't find an RSS feed. What can I do?

Automatically finding the RSS feed doesn't work on every website yet, and I'm working on more sophisticated ways to achieve that. For now, it's often possible to find RSS feeds by googling the name of the site and "RSS feed", e.g. "The Economist RSS feed". If you want to support me in making this feature better, send me the blogs that don't work on Twitter.

Is it possible to subscribe to YouTube?

Yes, YouTube provides RSS feeds for each channel. You can subscribe to them like any other RSS feed. Dedicated support will come in the future.

Is it possible to subscribe to podcasts?

Most podcasts provide an RSS feed as well. If it does, you can subscribe to it via the RSS feed. Dedicated support will come in the future.